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As everyoneone in this post was defeated by beauty of Khan (John Harrison) I feel an urge to add someone to not leave him alone:


“They threatened me to do the shower scene or else they’d burn all my glow-in-the-dark socks that I got from the swap meet. That’s why I looked quite angry in it. And you know, I love my socks, they’re the most comfortable things to have in life.”

Star Trek into Darkness
&Sherlock BBC 2s3ep

Star Trek into Darkness

Sherlock BBC 2s3ep

JJ Abrams talking about Benedict in the shower.

+ same deleted “shower of evil” scene with a music from porno movies :3

Deleted “Shower of Evil” Scene From Star Trek Into Darkness

I’m sorry… WTH?! o_0
Khan in the shower staring evilly.

Full scene: